All duck hunters know on a day when there is no wind and the water is calm that is the time you wish you had setup some motion decoys, any movement would have brought this spread to life.

Check out some of our motorized decoys, some with wireless remote and some are fully automatic. The flapping wings, the swimming ducks, and the shakers are just few of the decoys designed from the ground up. If you wanted to use your own decoys, you can get the decoy propellers, select from single engine (the Explorers) or twin-engines (the ZigZag Subs). These propellers install easily under your floating duck or goose decoys with universal clip.

The video below shows some of our flapping wings, swimming ducks, and swimming motors in action.

Our best seller: ZigZag Swimming duck decoys. This duck decoy swims left, right, forward and stop at random, it is fully automatic. Click on the "ZigZag Swimmers" on your left under CATEGORIES. There is also a video that show the ZigZag decoy in action.

Click on the "Arrow" button at the video player to start playing the video.

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